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Is oxygen Cylinder good idea for climbing Kilimanjaro?

Mt Kilimanjaro is “only” 5895 meters so oxygen cylinder  is not normally carried by trekkers, as Abakombe Tours we advised the better (read more Is-oxygen-Cylinder-good-idea-for-climbing-Kilimanjaro?costly) trekking organizations to carry 4-5 KG bottles with the senior guide or the first aid guide. Again the advice to listen you your body is the soundest advice. In Swahili -its “pole pole” (slowly slowly). We usually recommend a trek that is one day longer than the organizations try to sell you. So a 7 day/6 night trek on Machame is preferred or an 8d/7n Shira. The longer the trek the better you acclimatize and thus you do not need supplemental oxygen. Again agree with Abakombe Tours if your AMS (altitude mountain sickness) does not settle down – just the slight headaches – then yes descent to a lower altitude is the only cure. Hope this helps.

Oxygen Cylinder is definitely only to assist emergency descent. AMS kills, if you are bad enough to need oxygen you need to get down and fast.

Most important thing is: listen to your own body. If you are normally fit, you drink a lot of water, you hike as slowly as possible so that you acclimatize well and your body has the time to adjust to the lower air pressure, you have a chance to make it to the summit.If your body says “no” you will feel like (severe headache, risk of getting the potentially mortal altitude sickness) you should not start using oxygen cylinders to get you to higher altitudes, but you should go down.

You will see hundreds of hikers on Kilimanjaro, but nobody with o oxygen Cylinder masks. This is a hiking mountain, not like Everest. Just go slow, and pace yourself.

Absolutely bring a down jacket and WARM clothes as it is colder at the top!!!