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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Itineraries

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Kilimanjaro climbing: Itinerary Overview
Our climbs begin and end via flights to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania. (Note: Most flights directly to Arusha are not available for purchase online. For travel arrangements, call Charles Mulvehill at Scan East West Travel at 1-800-727-21571-800-727-2157 or at 206-623 2157206-623 2157. Or e-mail |

Is oxygen Cylinder good idea for climbing Kilimanjaro?
Is oxygen Cylinder good idea for climbing Kilimanjaro? Mt Kilimanjaro is "only" 5895 meters so oxygen cylinder  is not normally carried by trekkers, as Abakom... Read more
Gear-Equipments for Climbing Kilimanjaro
Gear-Equipments for Climbing Kilimanjaro Your Kilimanjaro summit success is very important to us and we always make sure we do all it takes to make our Kiliman... Read more
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Lift one foot and then the other, just enough to place it higher; don’t use any more energy than you need to and breathe deeply betwe... Read more
9 Day Lemosho Route via Crater Camp
9 Day Lemosho Route via Crater Camp Kilimanjaro climb The most beautiful route on Mount Kilimanjaro The 9 day Lemosho Route is better altitude acclimat... Read more
5 Days Marangu route Kilimanjaro climb
5 Days Marangu route Kilimanjaro climb If you are the first time climber and you want to climb Kilimanjaro in few days, here I have suggested you climb Kiliman... Read more
6 day Marangu Route-mt Kilimanjaro climb
6 day Marangu Route Tanzania Adventure » Safaris in Tanzania » 6 day Marangu Route - Mount Kilimanjaro treking. Climb Kilimanjaro Marangu route. The Kilimanj... Read more
7 Day Machame route-Kilimanjaro
KILIMANJARO CLIMB MACHAME 7 DAY/6NIGHTS Kilimanjaro climb 7 Day Machame route Kilimanjaro climbing Machame route 7 days Alternatively see the Machame rout... Read more
5 Day Trekking Kilimanjaro via Marangu Route
Trekking Kilimanjaro marangu route 5 days.  There are several routes by which to reach the top of mount Kilimanjaro peak the "Kibo" also known as "Uhuru Pea... Read more
Best season to climb Kilimanjaro
Best season to climb Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro’s trekking best seasons The main trekking seasons on Kilimanjaro correspond with the mountain’s two dr... Read more