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Kilimanjaro trekking Kilimanjaro Climb

Kilimanjaro trekking Kilimanjaro Climb. There are several routes by which to reach Kibo, or Uhuru Peak, the highest summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, namely, Marangu, Machame…

Essential equipment for climbing kilimanjaro

Equipment you can’t do without on Kilimanjaro

Sleeping bag On Kilimanjaro, the warmer the sleeping bag the better. A three-season bag is probably the most practical, offering a compromise between warmth and cost. A two-season plus thermal fleecy liner, the latter available in camping shops back at home for about £20-30/US$30-45, is another solution.

Sleeping mat On Kilimanjaro a sleeping mat is essential if camping but unnecessary if you’re following the Marangu Route, when you’ll… Continue reading

Best season to climb Kilimanjaro

kilimanjaro climb best season kilimanjaro-machame-6-days

Kilimanjaro’s trekking best seasons

The main trekking seasons on Kilimanjaro correspond with the mountain’s two dry seasons (an imprecise term, the weather being occasionally inclement during these periods too) namely January to mid-March and June to October. You can read more about the rainy seasons by visiting our Kilimanjaro weather page. Of course you can trek up Kilimanjaro in the rainy season but not only is there a much higher chance of trekking in… Continue reading

Kilimanjaro packing list guide-gear

What Gear Do I Need to Bring on Kilimanjaro?


Kilimanjaro packing list guide

You are responsible for bringing personal gear and equipment while communal equipment (tents, food, cooking items, etc.) is provided free. Below is a gear list of required, recommended and optional items to bring on your climb but if you don’t have one, bellow you can hire from us by the price shown bellow (How Should I Dress for Kilimanjaro?).

Technical Clothing… Continue reading

The Kilimanjaro Porters

Kilimanjaro Porters Kilimanjaro porters

There is no doubt that the situation for Kilimanjaro porters has improved in recent years.

That is not to say it’s good…

Sure, the load they lug up the mountain has been reduced from something like 40 kg to hopefully not more than 20 kg.

There is a recommended (but often ignored) minimum wage, and some responsible operators supply their porters with adequate shelter and food during a climb.

Still, the existence of most porters on Kilimanjaro… Continue reading

Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost and Prices
The true price of a cheap Kilimanjaro climb

Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost and Prices Kilimanjaro-Climbing-Cost-and-Prices

What does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro, and what should a Kilimanjaro climb cost you?
The prices for Kilimanjaro climbs vary wildly. To climb Kilimanjaro can cost you anything from $1100 to $3500 and above.

(There are some operators advertising cheap Kilimanjaro climbs that cost below $1200. Don’t go there… Actually, don’t go below $1500… You’ll see why…)

That is the cost of your Kilimanjaro climb itself.… Continue reading

How to find the best Kilimanjaro tour companies

First of all, stay away from the bottom level budget Kili climbs. Yes, your friends may have had a great experience with a budget operator. Some people also win lotto.

But a lotto ticket costs a few bucks, a Mt. Kilimanjaro tour costs a few thousand (with flights and all). If the trip sucks and you don’t even make it to the summit, is that really money saved? It’s wasted!

If… Continue reading

How to find the best Kilimanjaro Tours

Mount Kilimanjaro, tour companies and climb operators

A Kilimanjaro tour maybe once in a lifetime trip.

It is a trip on which you spend a heck of a lot of money.

It is a trip into a part of the world that you are likely not familiar with.

And it is a trip that, if organized by irresponsible or incompetent Kilimanjaro tour operators, can quickly become dangerous and even life threatening.

Now, you… Continue reading

Cheap Kilimanjaro flights are not easy to come by.

Kilimanjaro has it’s own international airport, Kilimanjaro Airport, but it’s tiny and not many airlines fly to it.

The major airlines offering flights to Kilimanjaro airport are the African Air Tanzania, Air Kenya, Ethiopian Airways and the European KLM.

But Kilimanjaro airport is not the only international airport in Tanzania…

If you want to relax on the beaches in Zanzibar after your climb, like most travellers do, or if you… Continue reading

Tips for a successful Kilimanjaro climb and avoiding altitude sickness

Tips for a successful Kilimanjaro climb Tips-for-a-successful-Kilimanjaro-climb

Tips for a successful Kilimanjaro climb:

The first point is very important for avoiding altitude sickness and your guides will likely keep reminding you:

Keep drinking! It’s VERY easy to dehydrate at altitude without noticing. The air is very dry so you breathe off more moisture. Also, your body adjusts to the high altitude by eliminating more water. Keep replacing it.

Also make sure you eat plenty! Most people… Continue reading

What to consider during Kilimanjaro climb

Pole pole!

That is Kiswahili for “slow and steady” and you will hear it day in, day out.

It’s the single most important thing to keep in mind during the climb. I can tell you now, no matter what you expect, you will be surprised when you see just HOW slow your guides make you walk. Everything on Kilimanjaro happens in slow motion.

You walk so slowly, the first days it seems ridiculous. You… Continue reading