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Mount Kilimanjaro Basic Information

The most complete and accurate information for anyone interested in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Private and group tours at reasonable rates on Mount …

Mount kilimanjaro climb success rate

There are several routes by which to reach Kibo, or Uhuru Peak, the highest summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, namely, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho, Shira, Umbwe and Machame.

The recommended route is Machame

  • Highly recommended for scenic valueHigh success rate.
  • High success rate
  • Great for acclimatization with lots of walk high, sleep high opportunities
  • Challenging trek with stunning scenery through 5 diverse climatic zones
  • Good opportunity to… Continue reading

Insurance for Kilimanjaro climb

What insurance do you need to climb Kilimanjaro?

When buying insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro you must make clear to the insurer that you will be trekking on a very big mountain. If you are going to be mountaineering and using ropes on Kilimanjaro then you need to tell them that too. This will probably increase your premium (it usually doubles it) and may even exclude you from being covered altogether. But if you don’t make this… Continue reading

Essential equipment for climbing kilimanjaro

Equipment you can’t do without on Kilimanjaro

Sleeping bag On Kilimanjaro, the warmer the sleeping bag the better. A three-season bag is probably the most practical, offering a compromise between warmth and cost. A two-season plus thermal fleecy liner, the latter available in camping shops back at home for about £20-30/US$30-45, is another solution.

Sleeping mat On Kilimanjaro a sleeping mat is essential if camping but unnecessary if you’re following the Marangu Route, when you’ll… Continue reading