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Abakombe Tours-Company profile

Abakombe Tours and Treks & Expedition (AT)
Ltd.” A pioneer adventure travel company based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro specialized in tours, trekking, climbing, expedition, multi activities trip, family holidays, jungle safari trips, mountain flight and special interest tours in Tanzania. Since last several years to meet the increasing
and exciting demand for tourism in East Africa. We have team of overseas agents / individuals & Domestic service providers on whom travelers from all over prefer to avail our services.

“Tanzania Has Been Recommended For Top 10 latest list of best tourist destinations and World Heritage Convention in the world FOR THE YEAR 2013Abakombe Tours-Company profile

“Kilimanjaro In Africa Has Been Recommended The Top Adventure Destination.
Hence we have been promoting MICE tourism as it has huge potentiality here
in Tanzania. I would like to make you assure that Tanzania is certainly an ideal option for all kinds of events including weddings. And I am sure that you will take unforgettable memories back from Tanzania

With the successful completion of TANZANIA TOURISM YEAR 2013, Tanzania is celebrating yet another event – Visit Zanzibar Island Year 2014, the beautiful island of Africa. The reason behind
celebrating with Abakombe Tours is to unite the world to work towards creating a peaceful society through the EAC community peace message; and to make the birthplace of Africans a centre of global attraction.

Since Tanzania first opened its frontiers to foreign visitors in the fifties, it has been the epicenter of South Africa and Egypt adventure activities. Traveling in
Tanzania not only offers an opportunity to submerge in Zanzibar bliss but also a chance to step back in time. Standing before the entire world as a vivid kaleidoscope of picturesque landscapes, exotic wildlife, arid high-altitude meadows, magnificent mountains, incredible travel destinations, unique culture, festivals, ancient heritage, pristine backwaters, and exotic cuisine, Tanzania is undoubtedly a traveler’s delight. Trekking in Tanzania is often referred to as walking through the paradise on earth.

We would like to work with you as we assume that you might be interested to send travelers to Tanzania. We assure you that we will provide excellent services to your clients. You are welcome to visit our website <> to find detailed itineraries and enticing information for anyone interested to travel Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya and Uganda. We assure you that we will provide you the best and very competitive cost so that working with us you can enjoy considerable profit on your part.

Our company is registered with Tanzania Government and has achieved the
membership of the (BRELA), the company ID KEEPER (TRA) The Tax payer keeper, Program), Village Tourism Promotion Forum Tanzania (VIT OF-Tanzania), Tanzania
Tourism Board (TTB) and (KINAPA) (Tanzania Mountaineering Association).

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